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Magnetic Water Treatment Saltless Water Softener for hard water problemsMagnetic Water Treatment Saltless Water Softener for hard water problemsMagnetic Water Treatment Saltless Water Softener for hard water problemsMagnetic Water Treatment Saltless Water Softener for hard water problems



  • Installs on your water pipe in seconds.
  • No tools, plumbing or electricity required.
  • Will last forever.

AquaMagna - Attaches in seconds without tools

Simply fastens on water pipes:

  • Prevents formation of scale build up
  • Removes existing scale
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Protects valuable equipment
  • Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
  • Portable, easy to install (no plumbing or cutting of pipes)
  • No electricity or maintenance to operate
  • Saves money year after year....while protecting the environment

AquaMagna Saltless Magnetic Water Softener

Magna-Tek's AquaMagna saltless water softener inexpensively helps solve most hard water problems. Our magnetic water treatment solution is often referred to as a saltless or no-salt water softener because no salt or chemicals are required. In most cases, the Magna-Tek saltless magnetic water softener replaces the need for any other home water treatment or well water treatment solutions.

This Simple Water Softener Alternative Fights Hard Water, Without Salt Chemicals!

Our Products


AquaMagna-Fastened on a pipe

 Magna-Tek's AquaMagna magnetic "no-salt" solution for home hard water problems is today's healthy answer to home water treatment, hard water problems and well water treatment options.  This simple water softener alternative fights hard water ....without chemicals!  

Industrial and Commercial

AquaMagna - Industrial/Commercial sizes


The AquaMagna  Hard Water Treatment System used 

for cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers etc.  can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive water treatment chemicals.   Our  AquaMagna  hard water solution has been used for over 25 years in many industrial and commercial applications.  It is often referred to as a no-salt magnetic water conditioner because no salt or chemicals are required. 

About Our Company

AquaMagna fastened on a pipe

Magna-Tek Systems is a Canadian-based company, specializing in manufacturing permanent, maintenance-free magnetic water conditioning systems for home and industry.


We have been adapting magnetic (free-energy) technology for the treatment of hard water. Cost effective, natural, pollution free and safe, Magna-Tek’s non-chemical system provides a practical permanent solution to hard water and corrosion problems. With huge savings on industrial applications such as boilers, cooling towers and related water process equipment, local Governments and industries are installing these systems with tremendous economic benefit.

AquaMagna Industrial Hard Water Conditioner

Our powerful magnetic systems naturally condition the water, reducing/eliminating the need for costly and harmful chemicals.  We are excited that there is an effective, non-chemical alternative to treating the water - where we can achieve the benefits and characteristics of soft water.  Lasting virtually forever, maintenance free, and with no parts to replace or power to operate, these revolutionary clamp-on systems make hard water behave like soft water, thereby reducing surface tension, de-scaling water lines and increasing water flow and pressure.


What makes this product so appealing is it’s performance and affordable cost.   At Magna-Tek we also manufacture private label products for plumbers, mechanical service contractors, energy consultants and other resellers who market their own brand of magnetic hard water treatment products.



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